Florida’s Del Monte Fresh Produce Fights Salmonella Claims with Unusual Litigation

A salmonella outbreak in Oregon and other states is traced to imported cantaloupe grown  on a farm in Guatemala, raising questions about how foodborne illness outbreaks are investigated and the steps authorities take to stop them from spreading.


Palomos: Children of the Street

Hundreds of children roam the streets of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, a city with a population of 2.1 million. Some kids are Dominican, some Haitian; many are both. Few know how to legally prove their citizenship. But in the Dominican capital, where a heated debate on immigration rages, something matters more to these kids than where their parents were born or whether they have access to a birth certificate. Their struggle is surviving the day at hand.


Experts: Managing tribal forest helped stop Wallow Fire at reservation

In summer 2011, the Wallow Fire’s western advance was checked at the Fort Apache Indian Reservation, something experts and tribal officials credit to decades of forest management including logging and prescribed burns.